The Underground Carrot

Today I’m going to be cycling for The Underground Carrot, an all vegan, all organic, inexpensive food delivery service in downtown Denver. Their normal hours of operation are on Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 1am out of Old Curtis Street (21st and Curtis). There you can grab a beer and some food while you watch a show or you can have them deliver it to your home or the other bar down the street. Five dollars gets you a sandwich and side and delivery (just tip your cyclist!), see their menu here. This weekend has been a little different, they are working at a satellite location specifically for the Tattoo Convention at Adams Mark, so their hours have been different, next week they’ll be back to normal!

Here’s what they have to say about their long time goals with The Underground Carrot:
“It is time for Denver to have a nice little collectively run somewhere where you can hang out. Thirds spaces (places that aren’t home or work) are more important than ever. We need hot cups of coffee, the company of friends, vegan plates overflowing with so much “how-the-f-did-you-guys-make-this?” food that you won’t be hungry for a week.

“So this is what we’re building. ”

“We need your help. We’re taking baby-steps and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps. We don’t want to rely on some moneyed benefactor because this is not business as usual. We picked the collective model because it is inherently more ethical and human. Putting a human face on business decisions and making them in a group context is good insurance against inhumane dictates handed down by blind, insane corporate management. ”

Yum, lets dig in!

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