Veloswap Recap

Unfortunately we don’t have a working camera, so no photos. Boo. I met a few really awesome people there though.

Colorado Bike Law is an organization and racing team; “Our goal is to promote bicycle safety awareness, advocate bicycling interests, and serve as a resource of information for cyclists in need of legal assistance.” This is a great resource for all cyclists. Need a lawyer that’s bicycle friendly and knows the rights of cyclist because he is one? Check them out. Sound guys.

A friend and fellow courier, James Benitez, was also there selling his leather courier bags and cycling skid lids from his company, Santiago Leathercraft. His work is one of a kind, handcrafted goods you just don’t see anymore. He takes custom orders for any kind of bag. A few people at the Swap asked if he made bicycle seat bags, he’s thinking that’s his next project. Check it out here.

That’s legendary Denver courier J-Bone modeling one of his bags.

James and a friend with one of his bags.

Detail of the label and stitching.

Looking for a vintage bike that’s not just like every other beater on the street? Bill McDonald is a local who restores vintage bicycles (and homes!). Give him a call or shoot him an email: 303.718.3874, Kelbil[at]mac[dot]com

Did you know that there’s a velodrome being built in Boulder? Well there is. It’s a part of Boulder Indoor Cycling, it will also include 18,000 sq ft of indoor mountain biking, coaching and a kids program, CycleTykes.
According to the website, the velodrome will be 142 meters (pretty small) and resemble the photo below; it will be used for recreation and racing.

Pretty sweet.

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  1. bilko Says:

    Six day style track… closest we have is the Vandedrome (soon to be back in action near Philly) which was 170m for 1998 Goodwill Games on Staten Isl.

    Different than larger outdoor tracks (even Springs) - small gears, as g-force makes it hard on you to do larger… etiquette and track awareness are huge… you can’t just be a grinder… but on that note the laps are around 10 seconds!! Action and pace are super duper fast…. makes the bigger outdoor tracks seem like slow motion spots.

    PRoBoulder is super lucky. I hope it is run well…. could out-do t-town with little effort just due to altitude location. People will use this as another aspect to move to there.

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  4. Melanie Timmreck Says:

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