Urban Velo makes us do silly things.

Urban Velo asked Jen to write a tutorial on this common trick taken from Episode #11.
Check out the article on Urban Velo’s blog.

Music: Kid Sister “Damn Girl”

Hey you bike people of the world, I’m Jen from Cycle Jerks. I’m here to teach you how to perform a one leg over the bar skid. It’s not hard and I hope some of these pointers can help you out a little bit. Falling is easy, so there’s no reason not to try it. Just let your skidding foot down and step over your bars.

-Have your hands placed properly: With drops it’s better to have your palms facing forward on the curve with room for your leg before you throw it up.

-Focus on your speed: Start fast enough that you can skid but not so fast that you’ll end up on your ass.

-Pay attention to your foot placement: When your skidding foot is at 12 o’clock (looking at your bike non-drive side or clockwise) get ready because at 3 o’clock it’s the best time to throw that leg up there so you’re ready to start skidding at 9 o’clock.

-Timing works differently for everyone: Feel it out. At first, try putting your leg up without skidding and just balance while your skidding foot is propelling you forward. After you’re comfortable getting into position and sitting on your bars is when it’s best to put it all together.

-Getting out of the skid: This is the hard part… Again, focus on your speed. Before you come to a full stop let go of the skid and let the pedal stroke work as a little boost to get you back onto the saddle.

See that wasn’t hard! Now go show your mom.

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  1. jolek Says:

    i will try this weekend. btw i posted this video on my blog. thx.

  2. marcin Says:

    aha, thats pretty cool. i’ve never seen that before.

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