Gang Bang Dusk ’til Dawn Race

Yes, I know I have scattered information about Gang Bang on this site and MySpace. Now it is here you will find complete and up to date information on the race. Or so I hope.

Before we go into the agonizing details of this whole production, lets take a minute to thank those who are making this event possible.
Drum roll please…
Running List of Sponsors:
-Pabst Blue Ribbon
-Seagull Bags
-Urban Velo
-Yanco Pads
-Skitch Clothing
-Freight Baggage
-Cog Magazine
-Cars R Coffins
-Profile Racing
-Everybody Lies
-Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
-Joy Engine
-Indy Ink
-Octopus Caps
-Keirin Culture
-Budget Blueprints
-Plastic Chapel
-The Shoppe
-Illegal Pete’s
-Spring Cycles

Weekend outline:
• Friday, May 23rd- Foreplay Alleycat Race at 6pm and Party at Larimer Lounge. Bands start at 8pm: Workhorse, Hexen, Bosnia, and Steel Blades of Vengeance
• Saturday, May 24th- Gang Bang Dusk ’til Dawn Team Race, meet at Bar Bar (21st and Champa) at 7pm to register, registration closes at 8:30pm and the race starts promptly at 9pm.
• Sunday, May 25th- Awards Ceremony and Brunch catered by The Underground Carrot, at 3 Kings Tavern, 3pm.
• Monday, May 26th- Memorial Day. Nurse that hangover!

Friday Details:
-The Foreplay alleycat will visit the hourly checkpoints of Gang Bang, to help familiarize you with some checkpoints.
-Foreplay is free with registration of Gang Bang ($20 for three days of debauchery, see below for more details).
-If you want to be a sourpuss and only race Foreplay it is $5 but without the goodies listed below.
-Registration starts at 6pm, race starts at 6:30pm. Get there on time!
-The location of the Larimer Lounge is 2721 Larimer St.
-We will be holding pre-registration for Gang Bang at the Larimer Lounge, make sure you have the names of your team mates ready and your teams name.
-The bands playing are Workhorse, Hexen, Bosnia, Steel Blades of Vengeance.
-The lovely Michelle Parise will be photographing you cycling maniacs this night and all weekend long. (See Flickr)
-All ages to race, 21+ to rock. No exceptions.

Saturday Details:
Registration will be open at 7:00pm, Meet at Bar Bar (21st and Champa)
Registration will close at 8:30pm.
Sunset on is at 8:30pm.
The race will begin at 9pm sharp.
The race will end at 5am.
Sunrise is at 5:30am.
The race will be 8 hours long.

This is a team race. There are some parameters each team must fulfill or they will sub-come to a crippling debt. Mwhahahaha!
Team Regulations:
-Each team must be between 3-5 people.
-You must have a team name.
-To register on Saturday, you must be with your entire team.
-Extra points will be given to teams in costume (and a prize for best team costume will be awarded).
-You must start and finish with your entire team.
-One of the members of your team must be either a girl or an orphan.
-An orphan is a person without a team, adopted into a team of people they may or may not know. This will be randomly chosen by the organizers.
-A team who has no orphan or girl will receive only half of their total points earned. LAME!
-So if you are a team of 5 with no girl you will need to surrender one of your members to another team and adopt an orphan. Unless you want to be cut with a machete at the knees? What’s that? No? No machete? Alright then.

This is a three part point value race, you gain points through both the scavenger hunt, the hourly checkpoints, and drinks. Here are some more in depth details…
Scavenger Hunt:
-Every team will receive a list of things to be collected or photographed at registration.
-Note: We previously said it will be an item, photo, and video scavenger hunt. Since a lot of people don’t own a video camera, we scratched the latter from the list.
-Carrying on, more points will be awarded to locations further and tasks more difficult to perform.

Hourly Checkpoints:
-At the beginning of the race (9pm) we will announce the location of the first checkpoint.
-In one hour (10pm) each team must send one or more teammates to that checkpoint.
-At the checkpoint, the task which must be done will be announced (i.e. trackstands, beer chugging (Straight Edge? Underage? See below under “Age Restrictions”), sprints, etc.).
-Either a teammate present can participate or a new teammate can be called to perform the task.
-If a teammate who is not present is going to perform the task they must arrive within an alloted amount of time (5-15 minutes depending).
-If a team does not send a member or is late the team will have 10% of their final score deducted.
-If a team misses all checkpoints they will loose 70% of their total score.
-After the task is completed we will announce the location of the next checkpoint.
-If your team cannot make the checkpoint you can go to Battlesteed and find out the location of the next checkpoint a half hour before the next event. For example, if you didn’t compete in the 2am checkpoint, you can only learn the location of 3am’s checkpoint after 2:30am.
-The winner of the checkpoint’s task will receive a prize, awarded on Sunday at the awards ceremony.
-The winner’s team will receive points from that victory also.

The Cycle Jerks Special:
-”The Cycle Jerks Special” is a drink, only available at certain bars for extra points per person who drinks one.
-Ask for “The Cycle Jerks Special” and your bartender will serve you up the pre-chosen drink (different from bar to bar) under $4.
-You must pay for your “Cycle Jerks Special” and tip your bartender.
-Have a teammate take a photo of you with your drink.
-Finish up your drink and you get a sticker!
-Only one sticker per racer per bar.
-Points are awarded for each teammate who drinks a “Cycle Jerks Special.”
-”The Cycle Jerks Special” is only available between 9pm and 1:30am.
-There will be a Cycle Jerks Special Champ, yeah, we didn’t forget about you drunks.

$20 per person gets you:
-Admission to 2 races, Foreplay and Gang Bang.
-A Gang Bang t-shirt (given at registration/checkin on Sat) printed by Super ScreenPrint.
-Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer for three nights
-Illegal Pete’s burritos after Gang Bang
-The Shoppe cupcakes
-The Underground Carrot brunch on Sunday
-Red Bull
-Free goodies

Age Restrictions:
-All participants must be over 18 years old due to curfew laws.
-BUT if you’re under 18 and still want to race you must either:
A: Be in the company of a legal guardian
B: Have “a note, signed by the parent or guardian, dated for that night that clearly states the youth is allowed to be in the company of a specific adult.” (cite: And you must stay with that specific adult all night. If a cop picks you up and you’re not with that adult that cop’s bringing you home. Your mom’s gonna be pissed and your team gets disqualified. EDIT: I guess cops aren’t so nice anymore, they actually bring you to the station and hold you ’til morning, then momma comes and picks you up and kicks your ass.
-Only those over the age of 21 can drink, no exceptions.
-For those who are too young to drink or just simply don’t want to, we will provide an alcohol replacement for you to drink as if it were beer or liquor. Yum.

Required Materials:
-Helmets and lights are strongly recommended. We may just give extra points to those with them!
-A map’s a good idea
-At least one camera (digital, film, or cell phone) per team.
-Cell phone or radio for each member of your team.
-Food and water for during the race.
-Picture I.D.

For those coming in from out of town….
TRAIN: Our preferred method of transit if you have the time. Amtrak charges $15 for your bike and they give you a box! Can’t beat that! Union Station is in the heart of downtown, you can get off the train and hop on your bike. Nice.
AIR: Denver International Airport is a one hour, $8 bus ride to downtown. Pretty stinkin’ easy.
CAR: I-70 and I-25 go through downtown.
BUS: The Greyhound station is right downtown too. Unfortunately, the Mega Bus doesn’t come to Denver. BOO.

We’re going to try to hook up as many people as we can with couches, but for those who aren’t into staying with strangers here are some other options…
These Hostels are all downtown and seem alright:
Melbourne Hotel
Hostel of the Rocky Mountains
Denver International Hostel
If you’re rollin’ in it you can rent a hotel room downtown and invite us there to go swimming.

Any other questions can be sent to Jen[at]